15634-AIt has been quiet for a while I know, but I have been on the case.  I wrote to my local councillor and MP, whilst I got nothing back from the MP, I received a response from the local authority.  They directed me to various bits of information about childcare, much of which I’m afraid to say was no help.  However they did direct me to a contact in the Early Years department I think, who has a team dedicated to supporting childcare providers in the borough.  A few days ago I called up and spoke to a very lovely lady who thought the idea was good (but probably secretly that it was unrealistic) who informed me about all the regulations and requirements regarding childcare.  I reminded her that really, I was seeking a creche facility,  this dramatically reduces the level of regulation but could be tricky as you can only run it for four hours.

Thinking about it though, four hours is fine, 10 -12, lunch time and then 1-3pm, perfect for school runs if there are older children.  I also wondered if we could be really cheeky and run for two hours, an hour break and a ‘new’ creche could start and run for another four hours!  Well we will have to wait and see as that is the least of my problems.

Now I have to find a ‘suitable’ location, there must be changing facilities, children’s toilets, kitchen etc which I can understand but that  will limit where I can look.  I need to find a place with either suitable facilities or willing to make the adjustments.  In addition to this, the location still needs a separate space for parents to work in. I suppose we can be more flexible there, with laptops and wifi the adult requirement doesn’t need to be so high.

So, the search begins…